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Your Employees Start Out So Excited. Why Doesn't It Last?

Posted by Albert Eloyan on May 06, 2019

What went wrong? What does it take for companies to keep that first-day glow from fading? Especially for upper-level or specialized positions, the expense of employee turnover is astronomical . Investing all of that time and effort to recruit and train an employee only to do it all over again ...

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How do the Best People Leaders Retain Talent in a Booming US Jobs Market?

Posted by Molly Uffman on April 29, 2019

For US job seekers, 2019 is promising to be another great year. For executive teams across the country, it’s a different story. Companies have now added jobs for over 100 straight months . In December 2018, US job openings reached a high of 7.3 million, and then 304,000 more new ...

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It’s time to show your employees some unconditional love

Posted by Albert Eloyan on April 22, 2019

United Airlines recently got creative with their employee rewards and recognition program. Instead of distributing their budget broadly so that lots of employees each got a little something, they announced that a single employee, chosen randomly, would receive a huge cash award. The backlash from employees was fierce. I don’t ...

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Create a reason to celebrate your employees

Posted by Albert Eloyan on April 15, 2019

In every industry and geo, employee retention has become a serious, costly problem. It’s more competitive than ever to attract workers with the talent you need to reach your company’s goals, and harder still to keep them on your team. Employee engagement is key. Many organizations are updating and upgrading ...

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