Surprise is on a mission to make a positive impact on people, teams, and workplace communities. By combining cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence with the powerful psychological phenomenon of Surprise, we help improve workplace performance, inspire social action, and have the ability to unlock human potential. And sure, these may seem like lofty claims, but stick with us while we explain exactly why we can make them so confidently.

A feedback-driven benchmark of success

Surprise is an active, integrated, AI-powered platform that gets teams to do their jobs better — full stop. Our proprietary AliceAi automatically gathers valuable feedback (Reflections) from users, aggregates data from other integrated workplace systems like Salesforce and Jira, and tracks work patterns and performance to automatically create a holistic success benchmark for each individual (what we call the Success Index.)

Missions that build positive habits

From there, Alice assigns Missions: purpose-driven, role-specific daily and weekly work habits that actually improve on-the-job performance. These Missions are thoroughly researched and thoughtfully curated by our Success Science team, and completing them helps users make marked, foundational changes to the way they perform their job. 

The rush of receiving Surprises

While Alice is benchmarking user success and offering managers exclusive insight into their team’s performance and behavior, she’s also seamlessly combining the thrill of variability and unpredictability to offer literal Surprises to users. Surprises are tangible rewards that are deployed on a timescale that aligns with today’s highly-stimulated, high-expectation workforce.  This combination results in a powerful boost to employee performance and team success, and is the reason why Surprise will always outperform traditional bonuses structures and incentive systems.

More than just freebies

While employees do receive tangible rewards and experiences in the form of Surprises, we are fully aware that “goodies” have a limit as to the impact they make. Sure, free lunches and company-branded swag are great perks… at first. But eventually, even the coolest freebies stop making an impact as they become absorbed into employees’ baseline experience. With Surprise, the real value is in the how, rather than the what. We help teams knit strong foundations and help individuals build positive work habits — and the Surprises they receive along the way are really just the cherry on top.

Wash, rinse, repeat

Surprise is an automated intelligent system that is utilizing the constant loop of feedback it receives to continuously improve. The more Surprise is used, the more data AliceAi has to personalize the user experience, meaning more relevant Missions, faster improvement, and maximum impact and growth. 

Try it now, for free

The frequency and variability of AliceAi-powered Surprise helps to eliminate apathy, gets teams to work harder, solves weaknesses before they become problems, and gives managers the leverage to move big rocks with their teams. But don’t take our word for it. Try it for yourself and get started today, for free, at