You wake up with the sun. Are you smiling? Oh yes, yes you are. You put some coffee on. Some jazz, right above a whisper. Push back the curtains. Hello, world! Take your coffee and get to your desk. You journal to wake your mind up. To make sure you process those jumbled thoughts and make room for your brilliance. A 30 minute workout, followed by a steamy shower. Picking out an outfit is easy for you. Because you rock everything in your closet. Hey there, good lookin’. And just like that, you’re out the door and ready to conquer this beautiful day!

You’re at your desk 10 minutes early. Always before your boss. Just so she can see your smiling face when she walks in. Someday you’ll have her job. But for now, you’re there to soak up every second. Your brain is a sponge. You look at your color-coded calendar. You even have quality time with Mom scheduled in there. Aww, how nice. You print out the presentation you perfected this weekend. You know how to climb to the top. Ahhh, the feeling of warm printer paper in the morning! The presentation goes… just as planned. Because you know every word. Every pause and smile to emphasize your perfectly crafted point. High fives from your team. Your boss gives you a knowing look. Did she just wink at you?

Success means continuing to strive for greatness, even if you’re on track for executive lobster lunches with Mark Cuban. Here are some insights into what makes a successful professional, so you can jot ‘em down in your journal, in bullet point form.

  1. Ask Questions. You don’t have to know everything. Yes, you’ve been awarded for your straight A student prowess most of your life. What they don’t tell you, is that growth lies in the unknown. Questions are necessary to become your future success story. Your boss will totally understand (and probably has asked the same questions, too!).
  2. Daily check-ins go a long way. Give your boss one less thing to think about. Keep her in the know on a daily basis. Communication is key, always.
  3. Learn from those around you. Especially if you’re new to the industry, there’s so much to discover. It’s totally okay to ask a coworker in another department about what they do. Or even to shadow them for a day. Learning the ins and outs of the industry can only make you better at your current job. And who knows, you might even find a better fit for you along the way!
  4. Balance is the key to life. You are smart, driven, and hungry for success, but remember that having a personal life is important too. Your company hired you, not just your insane work ethic. Your life OOO is just as valuable for you and your success as your time in the office.
  5. Be prepared. Preparation isn’t always just about being on time and doing your research. It also means creating a lifestyle OOO that allows for healthy routines that make you feel like the best version of yourself.
  6. Seek out industry events. Networking can be intimidating, but industry relationships are important. Find some clubs or events in your city and get involved! You’ll meet interesting, like-minded people who are excited about what they’re working on, just like you.
  7. Set achievable goals. It’s always good to know what you’re working towards. Some people use the SMART system. Whatever your preferred goal setting method, it’s important to make goals measurable and to always break large goals down into individual tasks. It also can be helpful to find an accountability partner—someone who can support you and check in on your goal progress.

Being great at your job isn’t always easy, even if you make it look that way. Keeping these tips in mind will help you in your journey to achieve your goals. Now go out there and continue on your path to greatness!

Allie Demopoulos is a Content Copywriter at A writer and producer, she believes that humor is the greatest tool and that the best of anything–comedy, music, stories–are experienced in basements. When she’s not creating, you can find her in the electric streets of Manhattan, a place she feels lucky to call home.