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Meet the magic that makes Surprise the most purpose-driven, high-impact platform for teams and organizations on earth.
Meet the magic that makes Surprise the most effective way to automatically distribute your team’s bonus budget and improve your team performance.
Here’s how it works:
Feedback + Alice
Feedback makes the world go ‘round
In the first tab of SuccessOS, Surprise introduces a totally unique, integrated high-dopamine experience that turns giving feedback into a fun, frequent, and daily activity — solving a major flaw of legacy feedback-only systems.
Alice utilizes this new paradigm to automatically ask each individual thousands of pertinent, high-impact questions about themselves, their team, and their organization.
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Performance + Alice
Surprise is the mojo that moves you
The powerful psychological phenomenon of Surprise makes an impact by creating a dopamine rush in your brain, eliminating apathy and complacency that paralyzes performance and improvement.
Alice learns exactly when, how, and how often to Surprise each individual as they complete daily and weekly Missions: positive, high-impact, repeatable actions that are automatically assigned from our ever-evolving, expertly curated Mission Marketplace.
Mission Control screen
Feedback + Performance + Alice
Combine these and change everything
Alice automatically works to symbiotically combine information and action — the result is a powerful new type of app that drives organizational success.
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Success Dashboard screen
First, Alice gets personal
Leave it to AliceAI to dive deep into the specifics of what drives each team member to perform at their best, through daily questions and thoughtful interactions.
Next, Missions happen
Missions are positive work habits that are completed on a daily basis to improve individual performance and make teams more successful.
Finally, a Surprise is born
AliceAI considers Success Index profiles from around the world to determine the most effective Surprise frequency and variability required to ignite performance.
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