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of reasons why Surprise is so effective
Surprise is a high-impact work game to 10x daily team performance
Unlike any CRM or project board, Surprise is a totally unique, Ai-powered work experience specifically designed to improve on-the-job performance and strengthen fundamentals required for lasting success.
High-dopamine game mechanics combine with our proprietary Ai, real-time feedback and custom Missions for each team member to drive continuous daily improvement.
Surprise gives you a lever to massively impact work quality and throughput
Today’s highly-stimulated, high-expectation workforce tires quickly of repetitive, expected incentives— which makes it difficult to boost performance when it’s needed, and over time.
Only Surprise can deliver enough variability and excitement on a daily basis to eliminate apathy and get people to proactively improve both hard and soft skills— like work ethic, leadership, productivity, and communication.
Surprise uncovers hidden roadblocks that hinder success in real-time
Why wait till the end of the quarter for your old-school, low-participation surveys that aren’t even tied to actionable Missions?!
Surprise automatically engages team members with Ai-generated questions once a day.
The questions automatically update based on a variety of factors, including: previous answers, work pattern analysis, in-app actions, and performance metrics— getting smarter all the time, resulting in 10x more intelligent insights than any static survey.
Plus, the playfully-lighthearted and gamified interface makes it an exciting and anticipated daily experience that promotes honest and consistent participation.
Surprise solves management headaches and automates performance reviews
Surprise is the ultimate sidekick for superstar managera— proactively automating tasks like feedback, pulse checks, Mission assignment, benchmarking, and recognition using our proprietary Ai technology: AliceAi.
This effectively eliminates the need for awkward on-on-ones, and fast-tracks performance reviews by leveraging accurate, objective data.
Surprise holistically benchmarks hard and soft skills specific to your industry
AliceAi synthesizes thousands of integrated data points in real-time to calculate a dynamic Success Index™ score for your team, and each individual team member.
Success Index is broken down into the following categories: Productivity, Leadership, Work Ethic, Communication, Feedback, Hustle, Knowledge, and Teamwork.
Scores in each of these performance areas change from day to day, and in real-time based on new feedback, performance metrics and work patterns.
Surprise Day electrifies work energy and drives lasting success
There’s nothing like the thrilling, high-impact power of Surprise to transform people and teams into top performers.
The unexpected rush of dopamine actually creates new positive associations in your brain, resulting in a natural desire to continue the daily positive actions and behaviors that triggered this eurphoric feeling.
Surprise Day can be any time during the work week. Surprises range from goodies to unforgettable getaways, to concierge experiences locally and globally— tailored specifically to each individual’s taste and preferences.
We’ve got plenty to say about why Surprise is better than traditional bonuses
and incentives at getting teams to work harder and do their jobs better.
But you can experience the difference with your team, for free.
Apathy is costing you lots of money right now
Recognize these? They’re symptoms of apathy that are dragging down your bottom line, despite the pizza parties, spot bonuses, and company swag.
Complete Lack of Effort
Non-Aggressive Goals
Communication Breakdowns
Conspicuous Knowledge Gaps
Role-specific Executional Failures
Monotonous Daily Routine
Sloppy Attention to Detail
Compliance Violations
Lackluster Culture
The problem isn’t the reliance on incentives to drive performance.
The issue is that legacy incentive systems weren’t designed for today’s highly-stimulated,
high-expectation workforce. Only Surprise can deliver the frequency, variability, and excitement
you need to solve your apathy-induced performance roadblocks.
Drastically improve the value of tools like Salesforce, Slack, Jira, Asana, and Github by amplifying their engagement and impact with the power of Surprise.

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