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AliceAi: She’ll Make a Man(ager) Out of You

The problems that come from a company having languishing managers, stretched too thin, feeling disengaged and/or isolated from their team are numerous. Luckily, we have an adorably-coiffed, cutting edge solution for you. Meet AliceAi.

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Surprises vs. Rewards

Everyone loves being rewarded. Whether it comes in the form of praise, money, experiences, or other goodies, we are hardwired as humans to enjoy being recognized and rewarded for our efforts. If it ain't broke, don't fix it... right?

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Missions vs. Tasks

Missions are more meaningful than tasks because they ask us to improve upon the fundamentals of how we work, not just what we need to do. And it’s through this continuous practice and formation of positive workplace habits that we become better workers.

Science & Psychology, Surprise

The Power of Surprise

You’ve heard the saying: variety is the spice of life, right? Well, we agree. Simply swap out the word variety with surprise, and you’ve unlocked one of the best-kept secrets of success -- one that we’re more than happy to spill the beans on.

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Set It & Forget It: a Turnkey Solution for Management Problems

Project management tools. CRM tools. Customer experience tools. Extensions, toolkits, instruments, gimmicks, and apps. You may already have half a dozen different “solutions” in place, so why would you want to spend the time and energy on learning yet another one? Well, this is gonna blow your mind: you don't have to.


The World’s First SuccessOS™ for Teams

Surprise is on a mission to make a positive impact on people, teams, and workplace communities. By combining cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence with the powerful psychological phenomenon of Surprise, we help improve workplace performance, inspire social action, and have the ability to unlock human potential.