Project management tools. CRM tools. Customer experience tools. Extensions, toolkits, instruments, gimmicks, and apps. You may already have half a dozen different “solutions” in place, so why would you want to spend the time and energy on learning yet another one? 

Well, this is gonna blow your mind: You don’t have to.

Surprise is the world’s first SuccessOS for teams, and the only performance platform for team success powered by AI. It’s as close as you can get to fully automated management. Sounds like magic? Almost.

Here’s how it works:

Through AliceAi, our proprietary AI, we’ve designed the ultimate feedback loop – completely automated with an unprecedented daily cadence. Alice creates a series of bespoke, intelligent, and lighthearted surveys for each user to give their honest opinions daily about themselves, their team, and overall organizational competency.

Those insights are then paired with work patterns, performance data from integrated systems (like Salesforce, Jira, and Github), and Manager feedback are synthesized to calculate a single, truly holistic success benchmark: the Success Index. From there, AliceAi utilizes all that data to automatically assign and continuously cycle Missions targeted to improve each individual’s performance. 

Your Mission, should you choose to accept it…

Missions are purpose-driven, role-specific, daily and weekly work habits that actually improve on-the-job team performance and individual behavior. This offers users targeted and curated items to complete that help build better work habits from the ground up. Completing Missions and working to improve their Success Index also offers users the opportunity to get tangible rewards along the way in the form of Surprises.

From there, it’s just a matter of washing, rinsing, and repeating: as each team member continues to use and interact with the app, AliceAi automatically refines and improves upon the Missions that are assigned, lifting your team as a whole to even greater heights. Alice does all the heavy lifting so managers can set and forget, yet immediately begin to reap the benefits of a team working better, smarter, more efficiently, and more successfully.

Doing > Measuring

That giant stack of other workplace tools you’ve got going on? Sure, they’re great at helping you measure work. But “measuring” and “doing” are two very different things. Surprise actually gets teams to do better: work smarter, work harder, work more efficiently, and allow every individual employee to build upon an excellent foundation, leading to greater success for all.

Find out just for yourself how easy it is – get started for free, today.

Gretchen Fox is the Director of Content Marketing at A novelist, blogging veteran, and social media aficionado, she splits the majority of her time between wordsmithing, wrangling her children, and rewatching old episodes of The Office and Parks & Rec on repeat.