Welcome back to our three-part series on wellness. In the first two posts, we explored what wellness is and the positive effects the eight dimensions of wellness have on our mind and body. So now that you’re hopefully sold on the importance of wellness in your own life, we’re here to tell you how Surprise can help you achieve wellness in your everyday life at work and OOO. 

Wellness. A term that may only seem reserved for the Goop-ified Gwenyth Paltrows of the world, is actually finding its place in more and more offices and workplaces. As we all know, the way we work is changing at an accelerated pace. Due to the complications of the pandemic, the number of Americans WFH jumped from 22% to 42% from 2019 to 2020. Many of us experienced how WFH changed the game. And whether you’re back in the office or have made an office in your home, making time for wellness is a constant struggle.

Wellness, like many things in life, is rooted in routine. Many people look at wellness as a recreation that is “in addition to” their routines, when in reality, wellness needs to be an everyday part of your routine if you want to give yourself the best chance at success in life and in work. Well, you’ve met your ultimate accountability partner, Surprise.com! 

Make wellness a Mission that becomes part of your workday. Here are examples of Missions that you can create to fit each of the eight wellness pillars and get you on your way to experience SuccessOS in your wellness journey! 

  • Physical
    • Exercising for 30 minutes today.
    • Going on a midday walk each workday this week.
    • Trying one new exercise class this week.
  • Intellectual
    • Listening to the news everyday this week.
    • Researching a prominent person in the industry today.
    • Reading 20 pages of a book today.
  • Emotional
    • Journaling for 30 minutes to start my day today. 
    • Taking 15 seconds to deep breathe if I feel stressed, anxious, or frustrated today.
    • Doing one thing today that brings me joy.
  • Social
    • Volunteering this week in my neighborhood.
    • Getting coffee with a coworker OOO this week.
    • Organizing an in-office happy hour this week.
  • Spiritual
    • Meditating for 10 minutes today.
    • Spending time this week in a museum or a live performing arts event.
    • Taking a walk in nature today.
  • Vocational
    • Writing my 10-year career goals this week.
    • Shadowing a team member today to learn more about the industry.
    • Mentoring a younger team member this week.
  • Financial
    • Creating a monthly budget today.
    • Saving 10% of my paycheck this month.
    • Researching a company I’m interested in investing in.
  • Environmental
    • Cleaning my office space today.
    • Researching an environmental issue I’m passionate about this week.
    • Visiting my local park this week.

Surprise is here to help you experience your SuccessOS both in the office and OOO. Wellness is personal and with personalized Missions created just for you, wellness can be your Mission if you choose to accept it. 

Shameless plug (in the name of personal wellness, of course): download Surprise today and get your team involved, so everyone can help support each other in their wellness journey!

Allie Demopoulos is a Content Copywriter at Surprise.com. A writer and producer, she believes that humor is the greatest tool and that the best of anything–comedy, music, stories–are experienced in basements. When she’s not creating, you can find her in the electric streets of Manhattan, a place she feels lucky to call home.