There’s something just so satisfying about crossing tasks off of your to-do list. But ultimately, when you get to the end of that list, are you better for having completed said tasks? Have you, personally or professionally, actually improved? 

We didn’t think so. Which is why isn’t in the business of task management. We’re in the business of increasing productivity, enhancing engagement, and making sure folks are having fun at the same time. We’re in the business of bringing real improvement to employees, managers, teams, and companies as a whole. We’re in the business of getting people to do their jobs better. Full stop.

What are Missions?

Missions are purpose-driven, role-specific, daily and weekly habits that go beyond improving on-the-job performance, to actually improving quality of life. Missions are broken down into seven impact areas that we’ve identified as fundamental building blocks for success: Productivity, Work Ethic, Teamwork, Communication, Attitude, Wellness, and Leadership. 

Why Missions?

Missions are more meaningful than tasks because they ask us to improve upon the fundamentals of how we work, not just what we need to do. And it’s through this continuous practice and formation of positive workplace habits that we become better workers. We work smarter, faster, more efficiently, more accurately… which means we go on to perform, yes, our tasks, but more importantly our jobs as a whole more successfully.

A turnkey system

Unlike with traditional task management software, Missions are proactively created and loaded into our app by our world-class Surprise Science team. These Missions are focused, targeted, and immaculately researched to be as poignant and helpful to each individual user and every team that is utilizing Surprise — regardless of actual job function or industry. And through the magic of AliceAi, our proprietary intelligence at the core of the SuccessOS for Teams, these Missions are automatically assigned so managers don’t have to lift a finger.

The result? A fully automated, highly intelligent solution with no lift and no learning curve. One that helps employees do their jobs better, with less time and energy spent by managers in trying to combat individual performance inhibitors. Which means not only is Surprise saving you money, but it’s actually driving up your company’s bottom line. 

The only thing you won’t be able to afford? Waiting any longer before trying it for yourself! Get started, for free, right now.

Gretchen Fox is the Director of Content Marketing at A novelist, blogging veteran, and social media aficionado, she splits the majority of her time between wordsmithing, wrangling her children, and rewatching old episodes of The Office and Parks & Rec on repeat.