Managers are being stretched thinner than ever — with multiple direct reports, lots to cover, limited resources, and even more limited time, it can be enough of a challenge just trying to keep your head above water. Which means you can forget about being happy with the state of your team, let alone trying to actually improve things.

The problems that come from a company having languishing managers, stretched too thin, feeling disengaged and/or isolated from their team are numerous. Apathetic team members, missed deadlines, communication issues, the attrition that comes out of an undesirable work environment… these all have a very real impact on engagement, employee wellbeing, and the company’s bottom line.

Luckily, we have an adorably coiffed, cutting-edge solution for you. Meet AliceAi.

Alice is Surprise’s proprietary artificial intelligence, and she is as close to automated management as you’re going to get. With Surprise’s smart integrations into systems you likely already have in place (like Salesforce, Jira, Slack, and more), along with user interactions from the Surprise app, Alice gathers thousands of data points on your behalf to help measure team productivity, performance, and success. 

Out of those measurements, Alice is able to deploy well-deserved and hard-earned Surprises to your team members — automatically! Yes, she not only decides what kinds of rewards or prizes to give to your employees, as well as when to dole them out, but she utilizes the powerful psychology behind variable rewards and the element of Surprise in order to maximize the impact of both.

With Alice’s help, managers have all the information at their fingertips in order to enhance their management style for each individual contributor on their team, all while helping said contributors feel more valued and rewarded for their efforts. She also is the steward of an endless feedback loop between employees and their managers, allowing companies to keep their finger on employee performance and wellbeing in one easy step. And the best part is, utilizing Alice and Surprise to achieve all this doesn’t require any additional lift on your part as a manager. It’s a totally turnkey, ready-to-go system that’s as easy to implement as asking your team to download an app. 

You’ve already got so much on your plate. Let AliceAi take on some of it instead. With Surprise’s easy integrations and Alice’s automated, integrated, and continuous intelligence, all wrapped up in a user-friendly, turnkey application, you can turn your focus to the management areas you actually want to, without having to sacrifice any of the things you need to do. Get started today.

PS: Want to hear more from Alice? Check out this fun and revealing “interview” between her and one of our staff writers here.

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