Nothing makes an impact like
the Power of Surprise

That’s why Surprise is the best platform for managers
to transform their teams into top performers.

Here’s a list of reasons
why Surprise is a must-have
for high-performing teams

We’ve got plenty to say about why Surprise is better than traditional
bonuses or incentives at getting teams to do better work every single day.
But you can experience the difference with your team, for free.

Do you know how much money apathy
is costing you right now?

These are the symptoms of apathy that are dragging down your bottom line,
despite the pizza parties, spot bonuses, and company swag.

Total Lack of Effort

Non-Aggressive Goals

Communication Breakdowns

Conspicuous Knowledge Gaps

Role-specific Executional Failures

Monotonous Daily Routine

Sloppy Attention to Detail

Compliance Violations

Lackluster Culture

The problem isn’t the reliance on incentives to drive performance.

The issue is that legacy incentive systems weren’t designed for today’s highly-stimulated,
high-expectation workforce. Only Surprise can deliver the frequency, variability, and excitement
you need to solve your apathy-induced performance roadblocks.

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