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Which one am I?
You’re a Team Owner if you’re in charge of your team’s credit card.
Bring Surprise to your
Surprise SuccessOS for Teams has the tools you need to make a herculean impact on every team, at every level of your organization.
Multi-Team Management
Manage all of your Teams’ settings
in one place.
Platform Integrations
Drastically improve the engagement on your existing platforms.
Detailed Analytics
Connect the dots with a world-class data reporting interface.
Pro Missions
Create Missions with deadlines and target performance metrics.
Surprise for Managers
Real-time reporting and management in the palm of your hand.
Global Budget Management
Optimize your Surprise budget across your entire organization.
Skill Development
In-app professional skill sharpening, learning and development.
Corporate Training
Integrate your onboarding, training, and compliance modules.
Program Advisor
Get the most out of Surprise with help from a dedicated specialist.
Enhanced Security
Single Sign On, SHA-256 encryption and 2-FA Protocols
Privacy Settings
Profile visibility, global feed posts,
and data usage controls.
Tax Reporting & Compliance
Detailed tax information and support for multiple jurisdictions.
Drastically improve the value of tools like Salesforce, Slack, Jira, Asana, and Github by amplifying their engagement and impact with the power of Surprise.