Why it matters

When we discovered the power of Surprise, we instantly knew we had to create a system that changes the way companies work. Now, by leveraging the latest science and modern gamification techniques, we’re looking to transform the employee experience and performance across the globe. And we’re not just helping businesses to grow and succeed — we’re on a mission to make a truly positive impact on people, teams, and workplace communities worldwide.

Fundamentally, our product offers a system that builds a strong foundation of positive habits for lasting success. Habits that go beyond improving on-the-job performance, to actually improving quality of life. As a result, we have a fully automated and highly intelligent solution that helps both teams and managers to do their jobs better, and making sure they are having a blast doing it.

We’re here to rethink the legacy people management strategies, and to do this, we’ll need the very best and brightest — we need you.

Sounds like something you would love to be a part of?