Ever feel like there’s so much to do and you just don’t know where to start? Even though you’re team MVP, some days it’s just hard to work at your full potential. You’ve got a lot going on! 

Productivity is tough in general. Throw in WFH distractions, texts, Slack notifications, and your Mom’s phone calls every three hours and well, it’s amazing you get any work done at all! Here are 10 productivity hacks for the next time you’re struggling to get it all done. 

Batch ‘em.

  • Batch similar Missions. You’ve got a million and one things on your to-do list today. While multitasking can be good for the creative mind to stay engaged, it can also kill your focus. Choosing a few Missions that are similar (ex. answering emails, phone calls, and Slack messages) and batching them together helps your brain to stay on task.

Wake ‘n’ Create.

  • Before your day gets inundated with a bunch of distractions and emails that “need your attention ASAP,” start your morning with creative Missions. The morning is a beautiful time of quiet and solitude. The perfect time to create! While others are busy knocking out the emails in their inbox like a 7-iron at the driving range, you’ll be using the time to work on important Missions.

Clean space, clear mind.

  • Maybe there was a reason your Mom told you to go clean your room, other than the usual “because I told you so.” Ever looked at a messy office space and all you could think about was the Herculean amount of effort it would take to clean it? Visual distractions are still just that… distractions. A clean, organized space makes room for a clear, organized mind. And all your brilliant thoughts! 

Break it down.

  • Daily Missions and goals can be daunting. Breaking down daily Missions into micro steps makes large Missions feel more manageable. It also breaks the cycle of feeling overwhelmed by all that you have to accomplish on a daily basis. 

Journal to start your day.

  • Your mind is a busy place! In fact, humans think more than 6,000 thoughts per day on average. These thoughts flood your brain from the second you wake up. Starting your day with a journal entry (three pages is a popular approach) can rid your mind of all the clutter that won’t serve your success. Think of it as a daily cleaning to make way for your creative thoughts to shine through.

Silence the bots.

  • How can you focus when your phone and computer are buzzing and dinging like you’re winning big at a casino slot machine? Turning off notifications will get you closer to winning the jackpot than a “like” notification ever will. All it takes is one buzz to throw you off your best idea yet! 

Take breaks.

  • You’re not lazy, you’re human. And your human brain needs to take breaks in order to have the rest to reach its full potential when engaged in the most complicated Missions. So next time you plan your day, schedule a few breaks in there to make sure you’re working at the top of your game. 

Invest time in templates.

  • Have a bunch of emails that you send on a daily basis or a proposal you create often? Templates are the most efficient way to make more time in your day. While they can be timely to create, you’ll save yourself a lot of time in the long run. This minor automation also creates more space for your brain to focus on creative tasks. 

Plan for tomorrow, today.

  • Get a head start on tomorrow’s focus by taking the last 10 -15 minutes of your work day to make a list of to-dos for tomorrow. This also gives your brain an opportunity to switch into OOO mode, so thoughts of stuff-I-have-to-get-done-before-tomorrow’s-meeting don’t creep in when you’re spending quality time with friends or just binge-watching Seinfeld for the 10th time. 

Work it out.

  • Working out helps keep your brain functioning at the top of its game. The studies on the positive effects of exercise are endless. While exercise helps you live longer by creating a healthier lifestyle, it also helps with raising energy levels, combating stress, and giving you those feel-good endorphins. Exercising pumps more blood to your brain, which helps you focus and stay alert. And ready to create all that amazing work! 

The next time work is competing for your attention, try these hacks to zone in on being your most productive self. And remember that it’s ok to have an off-day every once in a while. You’re a human, not a machine, after all! Tomorrow is another day. And you’re going to rock it.

Allie Demopoulos is a Content Copywriter at Surprise.com. A writer and producer, she believes that humor is the greatest tool and that the best of anything–comedy, music, stories–are experienced in basements. When she’s not creating, you can find her in the electric streets of Manhattan, a place she feels lucky to call home.