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Blue bags

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66% OFF w/code LUXBOX


  • Answer a few fun questions
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  • Q: Is there a Surprise in every box?

    A: YES. You’ll get a Surprise you love in every box, based on your preferences!

  • Q: How do you know what I like?

    A: You answer a few fun questions in our app, and update your preferenes often!

  • Q: Can I actually get a box worth $5k?

    A: YES! We send out thousands of $5k boxes every single month!

66% OFF w/code LUXBOX


Valerie from Dallas, Tx. opened her
Surprise Box in March and found keys
to a brand new Tesla.

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  • “I got my first Surprise Box for like $40, but when I opened it, it had a brand new iPad! OMG!”

  • “This can’t be real right? Do I actually get to keep this stuff?!”

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