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Create a reason to celebrate your employees

April 15, 2019 - Written by Albert Eloyan

In every industry and geo, employee retention has become a serious, costly problem. It’s more competitive than ever to attract workers with the talent you need to reach your company’s goals, and harder still to keep them on your team. Employee engagement is key. Many organizations are updating and upgrading their recognition and rewards approach to improve the employee experience.

One of your reward program goals should be to create a positive feeling among the greatest number of people — to maximize the “viral” impact of a reward. Typically, rewards programs include some personal occasions for celebrating employees, like birthdays and work anniversaries. Birthdays are great for this — who doesn’t enjoy celebrating a co-worker’s birthday? Making this a company recognition event takes advantage of the team-spirited goodwill that’s already flowing, enabling the organization to participate as a co-sponsor of contagious happiness.

Celebrating a company-wide event, like the anniversary of an important milestone, has an even bigger effect because it rewards everyone. Shared recognition events reinforce community and culture and produce the greatest “volume” of fun and goodwill. Up the impact — select an occasion that’s unexpected and create an event that reflects your organization. A bank might celebrate Alexander Hamilton’s birthday. It’s surprising, which intensifies the impact and makes it more memorable, and it’s unique, which makes it more fun. Theme-oriented celebrations, especially unexpected ones, are often the most memorable.

Originally published at on March 6, 2018.

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